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Aviation Law

Aviation is mankind at its dynamic best; using science to imagine flight, taking the risk to achieve it, and then developing the technology, private enterprise, and governmental structures to nurture it to become preeminent in the movement of people for business and recreation. The role of government in aviation, the international framework for aviation, the certification and operation of air carriers and aircraft, the operation of airports, and contractual issues unique to aviation are constantly changing. Issues arising from aviation litigation, including the liability of pilots, owners, fixed base operators, repair stations, insurers, scheduled air carriers and charter operators are continually being defined. The law of accident investigations, multi-district litigation, the appropriate application of jurisdiction, choice of law and forum non conveniens are issues that have to be dealt with independently and with a fresh set of eyes in every situation.

Now, more than 40 years after man first stepped foot on the moon, the aviation and aeronautical industry has grown exponentially.  From things as basic as whether enough oil was put in an engine to prevent a piston rod from seizing on one end of the spectrum, to whether an insurer is liable for coverage on an in-flight mishap, The Clark Law Group  has the concise, logical and intuitively analytical ability to render opinions and decisions regarding liability, malfeasance and responsibility that has helped steer its clients clear of those stormy skies.  As a consultant to the FAA, The Clark Law Group  has shown itself as a leader in forward-thinking, innovatively creative approaches to the highly detailed and technical matters that constantly present themselves in this ever-changing industry.  So when dark skies loom, just remember: “it’s always clear on top.”


The Clark Law Group is one of the preeminent firms in Southern California handling the defense of air crash cases, as well as insurance coverage issues arising out of aviation accidents. In addition to its experienced trial lawyers and aviation insurance coverage experts, the firm's team of attorneys includes commercial and military pilots who can offer unique insight into every case.

We have represented airlines, aviation insurers, aircraft and engine component part manufacturers, FAA certified repair stations, A&P mechanics, aircraft brokers, and aircraft owners and operators in litigation across the country.

"Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either."
- Albert Einstein

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