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Business Litigation

Business litigation has become a well-coined expression to encompass anything and everything from employee matters to contract disputes to intellectual property squabbles.  Whether you’re the small business owner who has to rise at the crack of dawn to unlock the doors for his employees, or the general counsel of a Fortune 500 company that employs thousands of people, why lose sleep over those legal issues that plague nearly every going concern in the country these days?

The Clark Law Group is uniquely qualified to handle those troubling legal issues that present themselves at any time during the life of a business.

Anything from single-employee discrimination charges to class-action claims; contract disputes with anyone from suppliers to insurers; trademark/copyright infringement disagreements that arise from unscrupulous internet usurpers to predatory corporations, we have the hands-on/heads-up experience to tackle these matters for you in a direct, logical and cost-effective approach that can result in a timely resolution of issues that otherwise could take years to sort out.


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