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Is Lessor More? The Evolving State of Aircraft Lessor Liability in the United States. This article, which was published in the Journal of Air Law and Commerce, Forty-Third Annual SMU Air Law Symposium was the foundation for Roger Clark’s presentation which was given at the Symposium in Dallas, Texas in February 2009.


Perils of the Claims Professional ("Why I Should Have Gone to Medical School) - Roger Clark presents an informative and humorous guide to the law governing insurance claims handling in California.  The subjects covered in this handbook include the rules of policy interpretation, the differences between the insurer's duty to defend and duty to indemnify, conflicts of interest between the insurer and insured, the ins and outs of California's Fair Claims Settlement Practices Act, and much more.  If anyone ever tells you that lawyers don't have a sense of humor, then they haven't read this!

Los Angeles Lawyer's Magazine(2006) "The Inalienable Right to Fly"


CEB Programs Roger W. Clark teaches other attorneys "Advanced Negotiation & Settlement Techniques" in a seminar sponsored by Continuing Education of the Bar (California).


Case Summaries

Sterling & Reid Brothers Circus

Datacom v. Charter:  In an aggressively litigated action, CGM defeated plaintiff’s multi-million dollar contract and fraud claims brought by our client’s commercial contractor.  The action concluded with CGM  winning an attorney’s fee award and cost judgment of over a quarter of a million dollars.  On appeal, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirms the award of fees, and CGM collected a fee award for its client.

Starwood v. Raytheon:  In a battle of corporate heavyweights, CGM prevails before the California Court of Appeal (2nd District) against Raytheon Corporation on a pivotal question involving the contract interpretation of a commercial finance lease.  Following this success before the court of appeals, CGM negotiates (through mediation) a large settlement on behalf of client.

Morris v. City of Compton:  CGM obtains summary judgment on behalf of a small business owner contesting a municipality’s enforcement of a zoning law which violated vested rights and was implemented contrary to law.  As a result, our client’s business  was saved after being threatened by the municipality’s illegal action.

Dassa v. Casas:  CGM wins trial on behalf of commercial landlord over a disputed option to renew, and secured an attorney’s fee award against a corporate tenant for the entire cost of client’s litigation expenses.  This victory allowed our client to lease property at fair market value, greatly increasing our client’s revenue stream and property value.

Accent Furniture

Killingsworth Environmental 

King v. Charter Communications

T.H.E. Insurance v. Mendez Trucking Inc.


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